A Relaxed Cotswolds
Wedding Photographer

Hey there – Lovely to meet you!

Those looks, the hugs, the tears, then energy, the emotion – everything is on display at a wedding – that’s what makes them so, so good!

Naturally, there is so much going on, that in the rush and excitement of the day, these amazing elements can be missed or forgotten and that’s where I come in – to capture them.

Your images aren’t to just remember who was there and what you wore, they’re to re-live the day with the people and how it made you feel – to keep forever the connection, the energy in the moment, the beauty of your day. Photographs that you want to get lost in.

It’s a genuine blessing to be asked to share a couple’s day with them. It’s a unique and privileged position, which I have been doing for nearly 15 years and have a depth of experience as a result and more so, I don’t take on lightly. In fact, the more ideas, trends, and families I meet over the years, time and again, it always comes back to those core essential elements.

As a mum to three little ones – including twins! I know how to cope with the unexpected. To adapt, change and always see the positive from it. That’s when I am at my best, naturally going with the flow of what’s happening and making sure everything that needs to get done – does.  I feel alive with simplicity – emotions, light, space, and a damn fine bit of architecture to place it all in.

I’m there for you, I’m one of your biggest and most subtle cheerleaders on the day. Always looking, searching, and capturing the magic of what you’ve created and who you both are.

I’m happiest with

(Family aside!) – A cold Peroni & a menu.

Favourite people

Our sweet 4yr old twins, Betsy & Hendrix and their little brother Sidney. Total favourites.

Little known fact

I got a full motorbike licence when I was 21 and bought a bike so big that I dropped it once and couldn’t pick it up.

Spare time kicks

Hockey. I’m really terrible but love playing

If i was an object

I’d definitely be a Danish chair. I love reliable, hardworking and sustainable products.

Favourite season

Love Autumn. Colours, temperature, cosiness & earlier justifiable bed times

Bucket list destination

So many, but high on the list is Japan & Scandinavia.

Favourite TV show

Only Fools, Top Boy & People Just Do Nothing, basically anything based on a council estate in London.

The Wedding Day

So, how do I work?

About Me

The Morning

So, your wedding is finally here!

I’ll be with you about two hours before things get going. This gives me the opportunity to take it slow, grab some essential shots and get everyone used to having me about. 

You don’t have to get anything ready or do anything for me. Just do you and enjoy the buzz of your day finally being here! Depending on locations, I can come to both bridal parties and you don’t have to do any set up shots, but if you’d like a first look with parents or your bridal party, try and schedule in a little time. I’ll be there for those!


Tricky task, I know! However try and keep the room tidy.  If you’d like to a dress shot – think about hangers, wrapping, bedding and tables.

Gifts and cards – You may want to wait until I am there to capture those moments when the cards or gifts are opened. I can also be your go-between!

However if you think this bit may send you over the edge, you can always do it the night before or make sure these emotional moments happen before your make up is done!

Wedding Morning
Morning of the wedding
The Wedding Day - The Morning
Morning of the wedding

My job is to be as stealth like as possible.

I will capture the moments, the emotions, the connections and the love in a calm and natural way, so you can be absorbed in whats happening. Relax and let me take care of everything.

The Ceremony - First Image
The Ceremony - Second Image
The Ceremony - Third Image
The Ceremony - Four Image
The Ceremony

The Ceremony

Family Photos and group shoots

Family Photos

…and Relax, the hard bit is over. 

Some couples can feel so anxious pre-wedding, so this is the time when you can breath and the nerves give way to full bodied fun (unless you’re doing a speech, then hang in there for a bit longer).

During this time, we’ll take some family shots and cover the ‘must-have’ combinations that Nan needs to keep her happy. Apart from that, I’ll give you some space to do your thing for a while. I’ll be busy capturing the excitement from everyone and the joy of your guests finally being all together.


If you have someone who loves to cajole and herd people, then give them a list of your guests and let them loose! Theres always at least one in the bridal party! Maybe one from each side of the family too.

Keep it condensed and think about what you would realistically print after you’re wedding. Group shots take a second to shoot, but rallying 2nd Aunt Elsie or Dad’s relatives from the free bar can really eat into your downtime. Average is between 8 & 10

Group Shoots
Group Shots
Family Shots
Bridesmaid Shots

you won’t feel a thing!

My couples tell me this is the photo they feel is the most important but the ones that they are looking forward to the least. I understand. It can feel like more stress, but trust me, it’ll be fun (really!). It’s an opportunity to spend ten quietish minutes together as I capture you in some gorgeous light or with some beautiful architecture as your backdrop.


I do one or two sets of portraits. The two things that influence this are the weather and speech nerves. If this is the case we can always nip out again later on.

You can leave it to me to guide you somewhere or if there is somewhere at your venue you love, I’m happily directed by you too.

Couple Portraits
Couple Portraits
Couple Portraits
Couple Portraits
Couple Portraits

Couple Portraits

Wedding Party

Party Time

The Party!

The party! The final chapter to the day needs just as much attention as the first one. I don’t pack up when your first dance is done, no best moves are never performed that early… There will be an organic time to leave you all to it.

Then that’s it! Having everyone you love in one space, having married your best friend, feeling a million dollars in you finery and a little fuzzy on champagne – I really don’t need to be involved any more and just like that, I’ll have a goodbye hug, then I’m gone! The night is yours!

Party Time - The Wedding Day
The Party - The Wedding Day
The Party - The Wedding Day
Party Time - The Wedding Day

Are we a perfect match?

If you love my style and believe I’d be the perfect match for your big day, I’d love to hear from you.