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The Paintworks

Photography at Paintworks wedding…

What a great venue! To be honest, I hadn’t found a huge amount online about a Paintworks wedding, which is perfect as I can just go with a fresh pair of excited eyes. The whole area is just out of Bristol centre, which made getting there and parking a breeze. It’s a great little patch, kind of like a creative corner of the city, with a mix of studios for work and living, bars & event spaces. Just awesome. Ellie was getting ready in the one of the apartments there, converted from an old industrial building with a modern New York feel. Well, I just wanted to move in. Small enough to be cosy for bridal prep but double height ceilings with so much space and light coming through which, photographically, was a dream. Not to mention the bridal face of gorgeousness that I met when I walked in! Ellie, You rock curlers! So at the Paintworks, they have this amazing event space, pretty much a blank canvass (so I definitely think vision is required), but with the help of SXS lighting and West Country Marquees for their festoon lighting, lanterns and tables and chairs, the place was just beautiful! (see pics, it really did look awesome!)

When I’d Facetimed B&E the week before, they just said they wanted a big party and thats exactly what they did. Starting off by getting everyone to have a fudging good sing of ‘I believe in a thing called love’ before they walked back down the aisle. The registrars joined in and air guitar was actively encouraged! Music was an absolute high light! Their band in the evening, headed up by the BM, called Dry Clean Only were brilliant. I didn’t really know how to describe them so I looked on their page someone had said “…making sounds just as colorful as their bright Hawaiian shirts.” which I think is pretty apt. A bongo, ukulele and a guitar…what more could you want from a band 😉

A massive thank you goes to Ellie, Ben and their friends and family for making me feel so welcome and if you’re planning a Paintworks wedding, then I would love to hear more.

Naomi xxx

(Also, I really didn’t know whether to include part of the BM’s speech content in the images…but then I figured, what happens at a wedding, stays at a wedding…but you can probably tell by the reactions from Ben at which place they would slot in…!)

Dress: Annasul Y , Dress Boutique: Bristol Bridal Boutique  M.U.A: Roxie Cotter Mens Suits: Suit Supply Florist: Tilly Tomlinson