The Matara Centre

I probably only get to a Matara wedding a couple of times a year but its one of my favourites. The venue itself, is very laid back, with loads of space and privacy to just feel like you’ve escaped for a few days with your closest people. There’s tonnes of garden (28 acres of the stuff!!!) and loads of trees and nooks and crannies to really forget about the outside world. And a massive bonus is they’re blinking’ good at a canapé! Anne & Will were not only lucky enough to not have had things moved around with Covid but they managed to bag a prime weekend date here and also have the most gorgeous September sun and sunset bless their day. It was so warm that they could really make the most of what Matara had to offer. And the sun really picked up the necklace that Anne wore, that her brother had given her for her 18th!

Designed by Watters, Anne’s dress was insanely perfect for her! It had a slight blush colour and she seemed to just shine in it! Really, she was just perfect and also one of those most beautiful people who would never believe that, which made her a million times more beautiful! Another stand out highlight from these guys was their florist Myrtle Mee, from Bristol. The bouquets were incredible but it was the dried flower button holes that I hadn’t seen before. I love a good button hole but they can sometimes look a bit rumpled and slipshod after a few big cuddles which can take a bit of resuscitation come any photos! but these guys stayed pert and so colourful all day. The Dahlias, they grew in Wills Dads farm, check the corker out from the top table!

I’m always rubbish at the writing part, so I’ll let the images speak for themselves. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit the blog. Any feedback or comments are always greatly appreciated and if you’re planing a relaxed, beautiful wedding and you like the look of my work, just get in touch, I’d love to hear more about your day. Or for more inspo for a Matara wedding, click here. Naomi x

Dress Designer: Watters || Dress Boutique: The White Collection || MUA: Charlotte Tillyer || Bridesmaids: Choose own dresses || Florist: Myrtle Me || Cake: Sarah McNally || Band: Indie National || Cheese: Spa Farm

Oh my goodness, the photos are so beautiful. So much more than we even hoped ❤. We both smiled the whole time looking through them. You’ve captured so much happiness and laughter and love. You’ve honestly done the most amazing job – thank you so much!! Again, just so pleased we chose you 🥰 
Thanks again, Anne & Will xxx